Thursday, October 29, 2009

Entirely Reasonable and Insignificant Rant of the Day

You want to know what drives me absolutely insane? Or, to put it as eloquently as only Chad Kroeger can, "That shit makes me batshit crazy!"? I cannot stand it when people wear hats that still have the store stickers on them. Sometimes even the dangling tags. What the hell is with that? Am I being curmudgeonly when I think that those people are idiots? Maybe I'll carry my nail clippers with me and offer to nip those things off the next time I see that. Dumb.


  1. you are turning into a grouchy old man. Just kids trying to "express themselves". Trying to be unique by looking like everyone else trying to be unique. Funny huh

  2. Nail clippers? You will have to get awfully close to take action? What about reporting theft to mall security? Those guys have nothing better to do...would be the highlight of their day to have a "criminal" to hunt