Monday, October 19, 2009

Bowling in the Dark's Hero of the Day: Richard Heene

America’s fascination with heavenly spheres took a shift towards the dramatic over the past weekend, moving from Meghan McCain’s impressive bust to the skies above Fort Collins, Colorado, where authorities were told that six-year-old Falcon Heene had climbed into his father’s homemade high-altitude helium balloon shortly before it became untethered in a potentially tragic and 100%-believable made-for-TV event that couldn’t possibly serve to advance the agenda of any sort of narcissistic parents obsessed with landing themselves a reality TV show.

Young Falcon was later discovered to have not made it onto the balloon—which ended up touching down near Denver International Airport, some 90 miles from where it took off—in the first place, to the relief of all involved. It is quite likely that Bowling in the Dark, nearly four days after this thrilling event, is the very first blog to comment on the compelling scene, but all we have to say is that it’s quite a relief to see these genuine and loving, completely well-adjusted parents reunited with their un-manipulated children, safe and happy after this dramatic and completely non-fabricated adventure.

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