Sunday, October 31, 2010

German Military Begins Massive Buildup

Reliable European sources indicate that the German military, after decades of peaceful dormancy, has roared once again to life and has laid a greedy eye on Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and possibly Karelia S.S.R.

Germany is also suspected to have invested in four infantry, three tanks, and is debating whether to produce a fighter or opt for a couple of die rolls.

A worried United Kingdom, and indeed all of Europe, waits breathlessly for its turn.


  1. I recommend more infantry...still playing your nephew?

  2. You're talking about games, here, and I'm talking about impending war. Get serious!

    But yes, phase three of our game will probably happen tomorrow. For an eleven-year-old who's never played before, he's doing really well.

    I think I'll win, but I'm not sure. It's tougher than I expected to explain the rules, give pointers and advice, and try to both win and lose all at the same time.

  3. Clearly the USSR's best option is to spend all their resources on infantry, at least early in the war.

    America gambles all in the pursuit of the weapon which will win the war--Super Bombers!

    Later in the war, England and Germany argue over the niceties of amphibious assault. "Nein! Vun space und drop off! Can you not read?"