Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Tribute to the Black and Tan

Although I do love th’ Black and Tan
It’ll shorten, by half, my lifespan.
It’s chock full of flavor2
But it’s killing my liver
And makes me . . . forget what I’m doing.

1. Technically, a drink composed of half Guinness and half Harp is called a Half-and-Half, not a Black-and-Tan. However, (a) I really don’t care, and (b) I found it a lot easier to rhyme with “tan” than with “half.”
2. When using your worst fake-Irish accent—and trust us, we know your Irish accent sucks—this comes out as “flivver,” thus preserving the rhyme scheme. Another option is to pronounce “liver” as “laivor.”


  1. So what is the half Ale and half Cider called? Other then half bile?

  2. I believe, Jake, that that would be called "a mistake." There is such thing as a half-lager/half-cider called a "Snakebite." It tastes pretty good 'til you get to the cider part.

    . . . I don't actually know that, I've never had one. Just looked it up on Wikipedia.