Friday, February 8, 2013

Irony, Illustrated

This is the Wildlife Experience museum in Parker, Colorado. From what we can tell from the photographs, it’s not a park, a nature preserve, or even an open stretch of grassland. It’s a building.

Wildlife! Also, air conditioning!

 Yes, that’s correct: in order to truly experience wildlife in Parker, Colorado, you have to go indoors.

The great outdoors is for chumps.

Also, the wildlife inside appears to be considerably less lively than one might expect, given that the name of the place includes the word “life.”

To be fair, though, we’ve never been inside the Wildlife Experience, and for all we know it’s a fun and informative museum that does a great job of instilling respect for actual living wildlife, assuming that sort of thing still exists.

Plus, it may be a good thing to experience stuffed wildlife in a safe, air-conditioned, antiseptic building . . . given the alternatives.

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