Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bowling in the Dark's Endorsement for President of the United States:

Montgomery Brewster, pitcher, Hackensack Bulls


A platform we can get behind:

 “I wanna thank you for coming out today . . . to see to it that neither my opponents nor me win the election. I wanna ask the question:
Q. Whos buying the booze?  
A: [Montgomery Brewster.]

Q: Who’s buying the food? 
A: [Montgomery Brewster.]

Q: And whos trying to buy your vote? 
A: [Technically everybody, but also Montgomery Brewster.]

Q: And who you’re gonna vote for? 
A: None of the above! 

Q: Say it again! 
A: None of the above! 

Q: Let me hear it one more time! 
A: None of the above! 

Yeah, sure, we’ve all heard that one before.


  1. Now, more than ever!

    1. This is about as political a statement as you're likely to see from us. But it's not so much a criticism of our political system as it is a sign that we just really like Richard Pryor.