Friday, August 24, 2012

Iowa Nice

Having spent a good deal of time in Iowa over the past thirty-seven years, we can attest that very many Iowans are indeed nice, and we’re not talking just about our extended family.1

We’re about eight months behind the curve on this particular video, which made the rounds of the internet in January 2012. But we feel obligated to recirculate it for its noble and timeless message about breaking down stereotypes.

Note: this video may not be 100% safe for work if you work in the kind of place that has never, ever, not once, heard naughty language before.

You know, like Iowa.2


1. That said, our extended family is indeed nice, and by God, the whole state is practically full of ’em.
2. Get it? We’re stereotyping! If calibrated correctly, your Irony Sensor should be pinging softly right now.

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