Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to Fail at Marketing, Lesson 4


It’s a pretty smart idea these days to position one’s company as being environmentally friendly, and one easy (and cost-effective) way of accomplishing this is to offer online “paperless” billing.

Now, we’re not going to say that mailing a paper confirmation to a customer who’s just signed up for paperless billing is, in itself, a bad idea. In fact, for security reasons it’s probably good practice.

Sending three copies of the exact same letter, on the other hand—especially when that letter, again, is the company’s way of patting itself on the back for saving paper—deserves to be pointed at and mocked, at least a little bit.

HA ha!


  1. The supposedly "paperless" age is a joke. Every office job I've had since college has been an exercise in paper-wastage.

    1. We can be thankful that newspapers across the country have chosen to tip the scales back to "Earth Friendly," saving millions of tons of paper per year by deciding to go out of business one by one.