Thursday, November 17, 2011

This is You Taking the National Football League Far, Far Too Seriously


What can we say about bearded men dressed as women dressed as pigs—
dressed as beauty-pageant contestants—that hasn’t already been said?
Something, probably, but we’re damned if we can think of what it might be.

Show us a pimp that’s actually a Bengals fan,
and we'll show you the world’s crappiest pimp.

Hulkamania still lives on in certain parts of the frozen American north.

No, really, he isn’t, he’s just a football player.
Although a tight spiral coming from the Broncos’
backfield could be considered a miracle.

Q: What’s more intimidating than Dolphins? A: Creepy clowns.
Q: What’s more intimidating than creepy clowns? A: Everything else.

Hey, the whistles are our favorite part of the game too.

Hell no, we’re not going to make fun of the Barrel Man. The guy was a
Colorado institution. That little leprechaun dude, on the other hand. . . . 

. . . yeah, he kind of creeps us out.

Raiders fans have been a bit listless, even depressed,
ever since Frodo destroyed the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom.

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