Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20,1969: One Giant Leap

Forty-two years ago today, Apollo 11's lunar module, Eagle, touched down on the Moon. The first human steps taken on another world—taken the following day by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin—were the culmination of one of the most stirring and enduring achievements in the history of the human race, and powerfully reinforced the notion that for a people visionary, ingenious, intelligent, clever, and courageous enough, even the most improbable goals can be achieved. 

Decades later, this remarkable event still inspires awe, even among those who might not have been alive to see it happen.

Silly, humorous awe still counts as awe,
as far as we're concerned.


  1. It's difficult to believe that people still swallow this old lie. Folks, Neil Armstrong was LACTOSE INTOLERANT. The Moon is made ENTIRELY of CHEESE.


  2. We assumed everybody already realized that the so-called pressure suits worn by the astronauts were designed to protect the astronauts from cosmic allergens. Sadly, the public picked up on the silly notion that "space is a vacuum," and NASA decided not to ruffle any feathers.