Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Evidence—as if You Needed It—that the World Isn't Fair

1. John Lennon, a flawed and often self-contradictory but sincere advocate for peace, love, and kindness, is dead.

2. Fred Phelps is not.

A world without war and a God that despises His own creations and even revels in their destruction may both be products of their particular creators’ imaginations, but it should be pretty clear which one is an admirable dream and which is sick, cruel, and blasphemous.


      1. I prefer to believe that each and every one of us makes the world into a better place in one way or another. Unfortunately, though, some of us only make the world better when we leave it permanently.

      2. That Yoko Ono still lives and screeches should give anyone pause.